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• 117 Pheasant Run ..more »The Recorder Frontier Regional School Honor Roll, Fourth Quarter 2016-2017The Recorder... Dolce & Gabbana’s new ad campaign for its fall collection came out this week, and it features five male models, one of whom is former star of The City Adam Senn. It's really just the clothing styles and 'gay lisp' that turn me off. However, I'd like this guy to also have some class and care about his personal hygiene and maybe wear some nice smelling cologne? So I guess that kind of steps away from the classic idea of a rugged American man?

I've dated flamboyant gay men in the past and it felt like I was dating a woman to be honest and I don't want to feel that way when dating a man. @Bad, Just the classic butch American man: drinks beer, likes sports, has that masculine swagger, etc. dick, I wouldn't know, the idea of wiping someone elses butt is rather disgusting to me personally and I doubt it's much of a turn on for most of them either, unless they're fecalphilliacs (which is a disgusting fetish indeed).

According to Models.com, Senn was ranked #16 of "The Money Guys" for 2012.

In May 2014, Senn was cast as basketball player Zero in VH1's Hit the Floor.

Senn was exposed in a hotel lobby by Gaspard Lukali-Lacote, an manager with Re: Quest Models, after presence a model gathering with his girlfriend. He became a model right out of high school and has been seen in TV shows, melody videos and show. Adam is presently a shed associate of Hit The Floor.

He was later introduced to the proprietor of the group and signed an agreement two days after him indoors in New York, just after concluding high school. Dolce & Gabbana has always used Senn in Look books, movement ads and style shows.

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When Angie takes a night off to have fun at the Christmasquerade Ball, the mask and gown allow...The style double acts choose him for a conference called "A Stroke of Luxury" which was photograph by Robbie Fimmano in 2010.Senn had a front position in the 2011 film "Video Girl" which starred Meagan Good.See full summary » When unsuccessful actress Clarissa returns to her hometown for a wedding and tries to impress her old friends by claiming she's dating big time celebrity Chas Hunter, she suddenly finds ...See full summary » Darcy Blake has the perfect job - she works for Harrington House, a successful greeting card company, in the editorial department. Adam Senn opened the proceedings in a light blue shawl-lapel ... If the name Adam Senn doesn't ring any bells, it soon will: he is the face of Dolce & Gabbana's new men's perfume, The One Sport.


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