Was i dating a sociopath

Sociopaths lie and cheat as easily as you and I breathe.

They don’t feel bad after an argument; they don’t "do" remorse.

It’s like they have a few key "tools" missing from the emotional toolbox the rest of us have. Even if you manage to catch them lying, they’ve a way of "massaging" things so they come out looking OK.

Statistics vary — some say 1 percent of the population is sociopathic and others say 4 percent.

Superficial charm: I fell in love with a sociopath. I fell for his good looks, sexuality, and seemingly strong self-confidence.

He was funny and willing to play into the fantasy of Prince Charming and do superficial things that had no real cost to him. Emotional apathy, lack of shame: The biggest red flag that is easy to subconsciously turn a blind eye to is apathy.

This short test is intended to be educational and to help spread awareness.

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It could be a neighbor, a friend, some tendencies might even be found in ourselves.He would shower me with compliments and leave me craving for him until our next meeting.Have you just had an experience with a man or woman that left your head spinning?They’re your conniving co-worker who somehow seems to get away with everything.They’re that “perfect” ex who ran off with someone else.This gives them the ability to completely control many aspects of their lives and all the people in it.


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