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Tiffany Lynn Rowe, who’s currently engaged to Kirsten’s brother, has gone on the record to say that Kirsten is totally lying through her teeth.A source and writer for Gossiping Pens says, “Kirsten has been lying up & down about her so-called battle with Endometriosis, a condition which affects women causing painful periods, persistent pain in the pelvic area, and even infertility, which is why it was a shock to many when Storms announced her pregnancy (and marriage to co-star Brandon Barash) earlier this year.Jax knows exactly what Nelle’s true intentions are.Claudette’s daughter Charlotte may be the daughter of Valentin Cassadine. After careful research, I have learned that Storms was not diagnosed with Endometriosis at all.Instead, it was a mere cover-up for the fact that she had gone into rehab.Consistent viewers of Friends quickly developed a connection with each of the characters, as the show progressed through the years many viewers often shared in the joy of the characters, and in the pain.actress Kirsten Storms said she was suffering from Endometriosis; however, with the information that’s come to light, it appears as if she made the whole thing up in a drastic effort to cover up the fact that she was in rehab!

Rachel moves into Monica's apartment and meets Phoebe Buffay, and Joey Tribbiani.

Our records show that Faith Leon is currently She definitely a Miss World.

Luckily for us,many times you were able to follow him with all the nudity. Luckily for us,many times you were able to follow him with all the nudity.

We totally get that a celebrity might want to keep something like going to rehab a more private matter; but do you think they should lie about having a serious disease that affects many people?

Rumors always peek our interest, but remember, they are just rumors. 😉 Morgan Corinthos is alive and the role will be recast.


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