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Each emphasizes a particular aspect or function of the one reality."It is the same with all the gods and goddesses: they are not rivals but aspects of a single principle. Each is but a symbol that points to something beyond; and as none exhausts God's actual nature, the entire array is needed to complete the picture of God's aspects and manifestations.The gift of the Holy Ghost is the privilege—given to people who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ, been baptized, and been confirmed as members of the Church—to receive continual guidance and inspiration from the Holy Ghost.However, the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost is only available to those who have been baptized into the LDS church and abide the precepts set forth by the church.For example, Brahma (not to be confused with the over-arching Bramh) is that reality in its role as creator of the universe; in Vishnu it is seen as the preserver and the upholder of the universe; and Shiva is that same reality viewed as the principle of transcendence which will one day 'destroy' the universe.These are the Trimurti, the ' three forms,' and they are not so much different gods as different ways of looking at the same God.The Gita consists of about 700 stanzas which are difficult to understand without suitable explanation.

The Holy Ghost is said to witness of all truth, secular and religious.

Purushottam Nagesh Oak (2 March 1917 – 4 December 2007), commonly referred to as P. Oak, was an Indian writer, notable for his Hindu-centric brand of historical revisionism.

Oak's "Institute for Rewriting Indian History" issued a quarterly periodical called Itihas Patrika in the 1980s. that Christianity and Islam are both derivatives of Hinduism, or that Vatican City, Kaaba, Westminster Abbey and the Taj Mahal were once Hindu temples to Shiva, and their reception in Indian popular culture have been noted by observers of contemporary Indian society.

As atman definitely acquires another body in accordance with its previous actions (reincarnation theory), it is not proper to lament the loss of the old body.

In other words, since Bhishma’s (or for that matter anyone else’s) soul cannot be killed, there is absolutely no harm in killing him.


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