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Over the centuries, humankind has invented hover boards (they're deathtraps), watched empires rise and fall, stared awestruck as Chris Evans pulled a helicopter from the air using only his indecent sex appeal, defeated Voldemort, hip-thrusted our way through various revolutions, created goat cheese ice cream (which, dear god, WHY), and put a man on the moon (his name was Matt Damon, and he died there).

Though we've bravely endeavored to interact with our crushes for decades, 99.9% of our attempts have started with this or this, and ended with this, or this, or this, or some terrible combination thereof. Answer these 10 simple-ish questions to find out exactly how to take your flirting game from this to this—but you must promise us that once you do, you will only use your powers for good.

You love to flirt, and you're really NOT that bad at it, but you get SO jittery whenever opportunity arises.

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