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It’s important that you read this , because inside, I’m going to share a few lessons that will improve your success with women IMMEDIATELY. It’s your self esteem, your confidence, and your state of mind, body, and emotion. A woman’s reasons for wanting to be with a man are complex. When a man asks if he can buy a woman dinner, what he’s REALLY saying is “I don’t think you’d want to be with me just because you’re really going to enjoy being in my presence, so maybe you’d agree to spend time with me if I give you something.” And he’s also saying, on a subtle level…And I also guarantee you that these techniques and ideas relate to YOU PERSONALLY. I decided that it would be worth the extra time for me to share some of the actual content of my new Man Transformation training program – so you could benefit whether you decide to be a part of the program or not. “Interaction” is the process of approaching women, creating attraction, and using body language. You probably have no idea why a woman would want to actually BE with you… “I don’t believe that women are attracted to me.” One of the reasons why we have so much trouble describing these types of things is that WORDS are the tools we use to describe them. Why does a woman want to be with a man in a romantic or sexual way, ANYWAY? “Yes, but what do I SAY to get her to feel those feelings you’re talking about? Here’s my point: If you don’t understand the inner motivations that women have, and you don’t understand how to give women the experiences and feelings that they want, then you don’t stand a CHANCE of attracting and keeping a “Total 10”… It’s amazing that we can grow up, make it to adulthood, learn how to walk, read, write, and drive… After working on this area of success for many years (especially the past year), I’ve realized that there are “tricks” to getting yourself to actually DO the things you know you I now think that the ILLUSION of self-control is one of the things that PREVENTS self-control!because you'll know the exact words to say to crawl inside their minds (and into their panties).Never again will you have to worry about "what to say" or "what to do next." You're about to discover the secret to getting laid automatically, without any stress or rejection.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and the question you are probably asking: “Who is David De Angelo?Not so much if you're looking for a real relationship with a real, intelligent, educated, non-shallow woman. One accused that if I was SO good with women, why wasn't I attached...David Deangelo's book explains some of the reasons why you wouldn't be...In my opinion the methods he outlines in this book are quite simple and easy to use. None of the files shown here are actually hosted or transmitted by this server.In my opinion the methods he outlines in this book are quite simple and ea...


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