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[Aired January, 2015, filmed, November 2014.] HRT1—Croatian National TV.Page of Croatian writing and 4-minute nationally televised video segment mostly in English. In Croatian, written interview in Croatian newspaper “Free Dalmatia”.Daniel Mackler: Traume iz djetinjstva vode u rasizam, seksizam i homofobiju [Daniel Mackler: Childhood traumas leads to racism, sexism and homophobia.] Another version of same article appears here.[October, 2014.] Self 76-minute video interview by Darius Cikanavičius on friendship, romantic relationships, sex, boundaries, and parent-child relationships. Audio interview by Amy Childs on parenting and all sorts of other things. [September, 2010.] The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP) Written interview by Maria Mangicaro, titled: Interview with Dan Mackler on Healing Homes: An Alternative, Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis.In finance, an exchange rate (also known as a foreign-exchange rate, forex rate, ER, FX rate or Agio) between two currencies is the rate at which one currency will be exchanged for another.

Apart from discovering that he's a conservative voter, she has to deal with a new boss, strange contractor, and the worst vacation of her life.

On Alternatives for Psychosis, 6 minutes, audio only. Interviewed in newspaper article: “Successful Finnish mental health system is focus of four-day series.” [September, 2013.] Self Audio interview by Amy Childs on child abuse and spoiling. [December, 2010.] Pohjolan Sanomat (Finnish daily newspaper). [March, 2008.] Two other published writings by me: Short piece in New York Times, Metropolitan Diary Section.

57-minute video interview by Darius Cikanavičius on the topics of the value of self-work, the significance of childhood environment, the nature of child abuse, nature vs. Audio interview by Amy Childs on parents and cults, and about people (and parents) speeding up their path to enlightenment. Titled: Keroputaan mallisti saksitaan dokumentti (on my making a documentary of the Finnish Open Dialogue Project in Western Lapland). (Halfway down page.) [July, 2009.] “Una nueva perspectiva para recuperarse de la psicosis” (see page 33), by Daniel Mackler in “Mujeres y Salud.” (Translated from into Spanish by Teresa Abad and Sara Toledano.) Click here for my original English version.

72-minute audio-only interview by Chris Stefanick, on subjects of trauma, healing, celibacy, minimalism, world travel.

[March, 2015.] Croatian Television Show, “On the Edge on Science.” 50-minute video interview in English and Croatian (with Croatian subtitles), titled: Na rubu znanosti – Daniel Mackler i drugi pogled na psihoterapiju.


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